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Breakfast goes green – the future is plant-based yoghurt

Press release August 25, 2020 Naturli´

Consumers are developing green breakfast habits – just like their other meals. That is why Naturli’ – the market leader in plant-based foods in Denmark since 1988 – is introducing a whole range of 100 per cent plant-based yoghurt under the name Joe’ Kurt. Flavour, colour and consistency are all the same as traditional animal yoghurt. The company expects to place its plant-based yoghurt on ten export markets within two years.

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Right now, Naturli’ is filling the cold counters in Denmark with plant-based yoghurt, and is ready to export them to a large number of other countries. Naturli’ is internationally known and recognised for 100 per cent plant-based foods which can be used in exactly the same situations as minced beef, chicken, milk and butter. And now yoghurt as well. In the last two years, Naturli’ has introduced 17 new plant-based products on 17 different markets.

1 to 1 – same flavour, colour and consistency
“People eat yoghurt all over the world, but we find there are no holy cows when it comes to replacing traditional yoghurt with one that is made from plants. In Denmark, four out of ten say they are ready to choose the plant-based version, as long as it tastes as good as the traditional yoghurt made of cow’s milk. There will obviously be the same tendency in a large number of other countries,” says the CEO at Naturli’, Henrik Lund.

Naturli’ has already had enquiries on the social media from consumers in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK. They want to know when Joe’ Kurt will be launched in their countries.

The new plant-based yoghurt can take the place of traditional animal-based yoghurt one to one. That applies to flavour, colour and consistency. A great many taste tests have been carried out, which revealed that people cannot taste the difference between the plant-based series and the traditional yoghurt.

Breakfast will be revolutionised
Henrik Lund expects that the new Joe´Kurt series – made from European almonds and available in popular flavours – will start a revolution in breakfast-time habits. First in Denmark – and then internationally.

“Consumers are lined up, spoons in their hands, to taste the plant-based version. We have worked very hard for a couple of years to find exactly the right flavour and creamy consistency. We have tested and tested until everyone on our tasting panel was green in the face,” says Henrik Lund.

Consideration for the climate and animal welfare are important reasons why consumers will choose yoghurt made from plants. In Denmark, for example, 35.6 per cent say that the climate influences their choice. Henrik Lund points out that it is not enough, nevertheless, to shout ‘plants’ and remind people about benefits to the climate and animal welfare. New eating habits are and will always be based on a fantastic flavour, which consumers find is at least as good as ‘the good old one’.

“The plant-based yoghurt from Naturli’ tastes of a greener future. And that is good taste – in every sense,” says Henrik Lund.

Some facts

  • Naturli’ is launching five flavours of 100 per cent plant-based yoghurt under the name Joe’ Kurt. For new markets, Naturli’ will develop flavours that are in demand in the specific countries
  • The same creamy consistency as traditional animal yoghurt. A mild, rounded flavour
  • Joe’ Kurt is based on almonds from Europe

Flavours available in Denmark

  • Joe’ Kurt Natural
  • Joe’ Kurt Pear and Banana
  • Joe’ Kurt Strawberry

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